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As a new mother, having a newborn was completely overwhelming! I’ve always been able to adapt to any challenge, but having a baby was completely different. I had a person relying on me, and every decision I made I would be held accountable for. Additionally, it was important to me to breastfeed, but I had no idea how difficult it would be! So, after many long nights, I created the Sleep ‘N Feed to make a safe secure space for my baby and to make breastfeeding easier and more comfortable.

During those first couple weeks, I felt very alone because I was a breastfeeding mother, and my baby could only get food from me. The scariest time for my new baby and me was at night, because everyone else would be asleep except us two. So, at night we would lie belly to belly so she could feed, and I would prop a pillow behind her so she could lie comfortably on her side. When she was done feeding, I had to try to move her to her crib, which only disturbed her rest. Breastfeeding needed to be done frequently, especially in the beginning, so she would actually end up sleeping in my bed so that she could feed frequently throughout the night, which I realized was a huge “no-no!” There was nothing quite right on the market that would help with my situation, or that could grow with my baby. That’s when the light bulb went off, and I created a safe secure space for nursing to help me through those challenging nights.

I never thought of myself as being an inventor; I just wanted to be a good mother. But here I am! My daughter is now one year old and the love of my life. Because of her, I am able to help other mothers who might echo those same struggles with their baby. When I have my next child, I will definitely be using the Sleep ‘N Feed!

Dear Mom,

Congratulations! You have just embarked on a incredible journey of motherhood. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing the birth of your little one! This is a unforgettable moment that you will never forget, and I wish you nothing but the best! Although this is probably the most exciting time of your lives, the first year can also be the most overwhelming. It’s a gift to see all of the special moments from the time they are born until they are walking and talking! It’s the best time you’ll ever have, but may also be the most challenging! But, that’s why I created Sleep N Feed – to help with those challenging times. So, I hope Sleep ‘N Feed helps you in the first and most important year of your baby’s life. I know it helped me ūüôā

Thank you and enjoy!


Victoria Goodwin, Founder and CEO

Sleep ‘N Feed LLC

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