The Only Pillow
You Need

Secure, Practical, Perfect

The Sleep ‘N Feed is a multi-functional Baby Nesting System, serving as a nursing pillow and traveling bassinet all in one! With the ability to transform for different feeding positions and accommodates your baby from birth to one-year, this is a great investment for a growing family.

Why Sleep ‘N Feed?

The Sleep ‘N Feed is a patent-pending revolutionary nesting system that can be adjusted to grow with your baby, and can transform for different feeding positions. With special technology, the Sleep ‘N Feed can be arranged in the position that is best for you and your baby. The Sleep ‘N Feed is also made of advanced high-technical soft fabric called Dintex. This fabric features the ability to not only be waterproof, stain proof, and anti-microbial, but breathable and temperature regulating. Therefore, whether you need to travel, nurse, or just lounge with your baby, Sleep ‘N Feed is the best option for your growing family!

Part of this product’s proceeds will be donated to the American SIDS foundation ( to fight against SIDS

Invented for Moms by a Mom

Sleep ‘N Feed is an exceptional product for all parents! As a mother who breast-feeds and is constantly on the go, I need something that’s going to work with me and my baby in many different situations. When I looked for something on the market, nothing quite fit what I needed, which is why I invented Sleep ‘N Feed! Because it’s a baby nesting system that can transform it into different feeding positions and grows with my baby, it’s a smart option for my family! It really is the only pillow you need! So, I hope you enjoy using Sleep ‘N Feed as much as I do!

Trusted by Parents

Samantha H.

Sleep N’ Feed is one of try best products I’ve invested in. My baby is very calm and comfortable when lying on it. He is secure with the boarder pillows and when they are removed the pillow surface is still smooth and soft on his his skin. I really love this product. I can go about how great it is with its impeccable design features but I’ll stop here. Sleep n feed get yours today. You’ll love it!!!

Kristen O'Neal

I was blown away by the Sleep N Feed. This product is extremely comfortable and I love how flexible it is to fit the needs of you and your baby. It really is the only sleeper/pillow you will ever need as it can be for co-sleeping, nursing pillow, and even tummy time! For the nursing aspect: it’s even great for bigger babies (or larger women like myself) because with being able to adjust the pillows, you’re able to prop the baby so that you’re both comfortable during a feed. Thanks to Sleep N Feed, my daughter and I shared a special moment as we nursed belly to belly for the first time!

Erin Robinson

I love the mobility and versatility of the sleep n feed! The removable pillows make nursing so much easier and convenient no
Matter the location or position of me and my baby. It is the perfect gift for a nursing mommy to be!

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